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International Collaboration of the Elderly (ICCE)

The International Collaboration for the Care of the Elderly is the international arm of NICE.  ICCE was funded through the International Partnership Initiative of the Networks of Centres of Excellence and the International Development Research Centre.

ICCE allows us to collaborate with experts in aging across the globe.


Our international partners allow us to share expertise and experience across borders.  ICCE is important because:

Canada's population is getting older

Other countries have longer experience with an older population, thus we can learn from their experiences in how best to care for our own aging population.

Canada's older population is growing more ethnically diverse

Our growing aging population is also becoming more ethnically diverse, thus it is important to partner with other countries who have experience with the cultural issues involved with aging.

Aging is a global issue.

Canada's population is aging, and so are other populations around the world. Our partnership helps create a global economy of scale in knowledge transfer around aging.

Critical shortage of professionals in the care of older populations.

There is a shortage of professionals who care for the elderly across the globe. Our partnership will help address this shortage on a global level.

Who Funds ICCE?

ICCE was funded through an International Partnership Initiative grant, a combined effort of the Networks of Centres of Excellence and the International Development Research Centre (Canada).  

ICCE Partners

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