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Initial Funding

NICE was funded in 2005 under a grant from the Networks of Centres of Excellence -- New Initiative Program. 

Mobilizing research excellence for the benefit of Canadians, the NCE brings together researchers and partners from the academic, private, public and non-profit sectors in areas of strategic importance for Canada: Information and Communication Technologies; Engineering and Manufacturing; Environment and Natural Resources; and the Health and Life Sciences.

These unique partnerships among universities, industry, government and not-for-profit organizations are aimed at turning Canadian research and entrepreneurial talent into economic and social benefits for all Canadians. These nation-wide, multidisciplinary and multisectoral partnerships connect excellent research with industrial know-how and strategic investment. By involving thousands of talented young Canadians in their work, NCEs are training tomorrow’s scientific leaders and ensuring Canada’s continued role as a world science and technology leader.

For more information on the NCE program, please visit the official NCE webpage.

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